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Author:Web Admin
Date: 10th February 2022

Meet the team at Communisis

Introducing our new President, Phil Hoggarth. Find out more about Phil, his life before Communisis and his passion for paddle-boarding.

We ask Phil Hoggarth, what does it take to be a company President?

Name: Phil Hoggarth

Role: President

Location: UK

How long have you been working in your field?

I’ve been working in Outsourcing for over 20 years – I joined an outsourcing business on a short-term contract while waiting to return to Uni.

I ended up never leaving as I enjoyed the fast-paced environment and they asked me to stay on. Prior to that, I owned restaurants and hotels and I still owned the restaurants for the first four years of being in outsourcing too!

What do you think are the best skills that you bring to your role?

I’m an engineer by trade and therefore love creating solutions. This approach has allowed me to grow and develop businesses and client’s business over many years.

I also thrive on change and challenges, which in the outsourcing industry is no bad thing.

What’s the biggest proof that you’re good at what you do/your greatest professional achievement?

At Capita, I created a £150M revenue a year business in under three years. During this time, I managed to post the best employee satisfaction results across the group, which is something I am hugely proud of.

It’s also great evidence that business growth and a positive culture go hand in hand, something I am keen to continue to develop in my role at Communisis.

What is the most important thing you want people to know about you (and/or your company)?

I know we can make Communisis/OSG Europe a growing and successful business where people want to come and work, and where clients want to stay and do business.

What are you happiest doing, when you’re not working?

I’m happiest when I’m on the water a mile or two offshore in 6ft swells, riding the waves on my paddleboard.

Tell us one random fact about you that most people won’t know

I spent a season with Subaru rally team on the world tour as an engineer after leaving Uni – I’ve never slept so little in my life.

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