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Permanent and semi-permanent (PSP) displays are a great way to cut down carbon footprint by using recyclable materials and engineering the units to be flexible by design.

With an anticipated lifespan of six to twelve months for semi-permanent and a minimum of two years for permanent displays, we encourage the use of replaceable wraps and communications panels to allow the unit to be repurposed after the initial installation. This reduces carbon footprint, accelerates turnaround time between promotions, and reduces cost.

Units are typically made from mixed materials and finishes, such as print, plastic, acrylics, timber, metal, glass and can incorporate electronics. The use of integral lighting is highly effective to amplify the product and grab shopper attention. Digital screens can be included to display promotional offers or educational content.

Modular construction extends the life of the display, enabling reconfiguration and repositioning in store. Most units are easy to dismantle and store for future use.

For permanent and semi-permanent display units our Link..™ technology provides visibility and control over marketing activations, saving you time and cost with increased collaboration.

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